The Process

If you have never commissioned any joinery works before it may seem like a daunting task. We try to make the process simple as possible and try to visualise your concept and idea, produce a design and finally manufacture the finished product for you. It all starts with the first contact!

First Contact

  • If you have drawings of what you are looking for, these can be emailed over to us and we can provide you with a quote based on them.
  • If you do not have any drawings, try to make a basic sketch with dimensions, or try to find pictures that you can send over to us, this will give us a starting point.
  • If you are not able to provide sketches or drawings, do not worry, we can send our representative to your site. They will get an idea of your requirements along with site dimensions and any particular finishes.


  • Once we have an idea of what your requirements are, we are able to produce a quote for you.
  • Once the scope of works is finalised and the quote approved we can move on to the design stage.


  • Based on the provided drawings and site measurements we produce CAD drawings.
  • The CAD drawings are sent over for your approval.


  • We schedule up the job in our work-plan following on from drawing approval.
  • We source all the materials required for the job prior to start date.
  • The job is started and finished within the time agreed.

Finish & Delivery

  • If the job required any spray finish it goes into our spray room and is left to dry.
  • Once done we plan a delivery date with you.